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HIGHLAND SCHOTTISCHE a story of the 8th Argylls

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The book is FINISHED! and has been published. It costs 9.99 UK or 14.99 US.  The ISBN number is 1904181198 and is available through several outlets. If you want more information e-mail  or visit
Thanks to everyone who helped.


By Robert Grieve Black
A story of life, death, music, dance, war and romance.

Ian Black and Christina (Teenie) MacKenzie

Why is this site called Highland Schottische?  It has been set up to form a base of photos and information to help with a book of the same name. Ian Black served with the 8th Argylls in the 51st Highland Division. He was taken prisoner near Abbeville in France and was taken by the Germans to Stalag XXA prison camp in Torun in Poland. Scottish in German is Schottische. But curiously the Schottische is also a popular highland  dance. It is a bright bouncy dance, easy to do, and was a particular favourite of Teenie Black, Ian's wife.